ID Card

ID card Photo ID cards can be the solution for many organizations looking to increase security and enhance their image. As a corporate facility manager or security professional, you see hundreds of faces every day. It's your job to identify employees and visitors, but can you be expected to recognize every Tom, Dick and Mary in your facility? You're going to need a little help from identification technology, so take your pick

Use standard size cards or oversized badges to verify identities and increase your security.

ID card Use proximity or smart cards to grant access to unattended building entries and bar codes or magnetic stripe cards for accurate time and attendance tracking and more. We offer complete personalization systems including state of the art ID Card Printers and easy to use ID Card Software to help solve these challenges and make your security facility top notch. Link your employee database with your plastic card printer and print bright, true color digital photographs and company logos on ID badges. Encode and personalize smart cards with smooth, over the edge printing. Apply a customized holographic over-laminate for a more secure, durable ID badge.
Whatever your identification technology preferences.

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