Canteen Management System

A canteen facility is a supplementary system that is provided by organizations for their employees. Many employees in an organization use canteen services as they do not have the means to prepare their own food or are unable to get it. Organizations with large numbers of employees cannot handle a canteen with manual processes. They need a centralized canteen management system that promotes efficient operations to cover a large organizational workforce. Our canteen management system provides a friendly User Interface for numerous food outlets, menu design, billing features and lots more.

Key Feature:-

  • CMS takes care of subsidies provided by the companies to their employees.
  • Manual entry of transactions is feasible.
  • Daily limit on the amount for the usage of canteen facilitycan be preset.
  • Daily menu creation by the caterer is possible using CMS.
  • Ease in selection from menu by caterers.
  • cashless and paperless transactions.

Banefit of CMS:-

  • Simple operations with easy installation procedure.
  • Small & compact design with sleek aesthetics.
  • Provides salary-debit facility for employees in credit scheme for canteen facilities used.
  • Provides cashless and paperless transactions.
  • Accounting is made easier between the company and the canteen managers.
  • Reconciliation between canteen and its utilization is made easy.
  • Provides a fast and efficient service.
  • Use pre-paid cards or coupons instead of cash.
  • Value added application with usage of same employee ID card.

System Requirement:-

For Web Based

  • Hard disk – 80GB
  • RAM – 4GB
  • Operating System – Windows 7 & above
  • Processor – i3 & above
  • IIS6 & above
  • .Net framework 4.0